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The Fairco Showhouse

Fairco have opened Ireland’s largest indoor showhouse, a permanent ideal homes exhibition where you can experience our exclusive windows and doors range in a dream home setting. The breathtaking interiors of the timber-framed house will be familiar to anyone who watches popular TV shows set in The Hamptons.

Fairco have pioneered high-quality timber-look windows in Ireland since the business was established 15 years ago – and now provide the complete makeover for your home.

Most companies focus on the outside perspective whereas we emphasising the inside view – matching architraves and a liner and framing the window with equal sightline perspectives.

Owner Jim Toal designed a range very much to the Hamptons style, which became extremely popular, and suddenly our customers wanted interiors to match.

It started with architraves, then bookshelves and wall-panelling and then moved on to orangeries, all with the high degree of detail that is a feature of this style.

We found that these items were impossible to source separately, so we employed three master joiners and have become a unique one-stop shop for a complete interior remodelling.

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