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Fairco’s Composite doors provide an attractive and effective solution for residential properties. The range of styles include solid panel and part glazed options to mirror traditional designs and we offer a wide range of minimum and maximum sizes.


  • Our composite door sets have a robust aluminium sub-frame and rigid polyurethane injected core ensuring substantial resistance to intruders.
  • Additionally the doors have a patent pending glazing system with unparalleled protection.
  • Double rebate feature means our doors are fully sealed for better protection against water penetration and an improved weather and acoustic performance compared to single rebate doors.
  • Using uPVC, GRP and aluminium, our door sets contain no wood and will not bow, warp, crack, swell or shrink.
  • Security hinge claws and deadlocks combined with shootbolt mechanism dramatically improve the resistance to unlawful entry.
  • Fairco doors are internally beaded and have been tested to meet or exceed BS7950 and BBA Enhanced Resistance to intrusion security standards.


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