Fairco Renovation Grant

Fairco Windows and Doors have introduced a grant which will give their customers back a cheque equal to the value of their VAT paid when they renovate their homes.

The Fairco Renovation Grant is a unique idea which replaces the recently-ended Government’s Home Renovation Initiative.

“Fairco lead the industry with the standard of our work and the quality of our windows and doors, and we are committed to constantly maintaining our five-star customer experience,” said Fairco Windows and Doors Managing Director Jim Toal.

“With the Fairco Renovation Grant, we will hand our customers a cheque worth 13.5% of the total purchase value when they transform their home.

“People always remember the Fairco experience, and the quality of our affordable windows and doors. Now we are giving them something else – a grant cheque to spend how they want.”

You can’t say fairer that that.

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