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Sash Windows and Restoration by Fairco

Sash windows come with many names, sliding sash, traditional sash as well as vertical sash.

Whatever the name, at Fairco our sliding sash windows are designed to perfectly complement the look of any contemporary home and here at Fairco we can also offer you high quality styles at very attractive prices.

Our sash windows are easy to clean, boast enhanced insulation properties and can be purchased with a child restrictor option. If you are looking for a window that oozes character, there is no substitute for the sash window exclusive to you from Fairco.

Our Approach

Traditional sash windows are a beautiful addition to any building but, unfortunately, age and lack of proper maintenance can see them lose their charm.

Unloved they may have been, but no matter what the problems are – you don’t need to give up on your sash windows just yet.

Even if they are draughty, rattling or showing signs of rot, traditional sash windows can now be returned to all their former glory and improved upon.

They may look awful and have been terribly neglected over the years but sash windows were built to last.

It just takes a little care and attention from skilled craftspeople to bring them back to life.

There are several common, but very solvable problems that people experience with old or poorly maintained sashes.

Firstly, the windows may be jammed shut. It could be that the sash cords are frayed and no longer work or the opening may have been painted over to keep them shut.

Another issue is draughts, –and no one wants draughty windows.

According to the Fairco experts, draughts are mainly caused by badly aligned sashes and a lack of compression between the sashes.

Woodwork will rot over time mainly at the sills and the rails particularly at the bottom of the window.

Also the window hardware, such as the original brass fittings, could have become worn, broken and pitted over time.

The putty could have fallen away over the years and there might be small cracks in the glass, this is particularly common in Edwardian sash windows.


  • Optional tilt facility to both sashes for easy cleaning
  • Optional decorative horns
  • Deep bottom rail options
  • Arched head sash option
  • Optional child restrictor for safety and ventilation
  • Triple weather seals for insulation


White Woodgrain
Anthracite Grey
Anthracite Grey on White
Black on White
Chartwell Green on White
Golden Oak
Golden Oak on White
Rosewood on White

Energy Performance

Make huge savings on your energy bills by simply upgrading to Fairco windows. A typical house with first generation PVCu double glazing, could save approximately €450 per annum by upgrading.

Burglar Proof

Fairco Windows and Doors have launched Ireland’s first guaranteed burglar-proof windows and doors.

The hand-made Fairco Lifestyle range features our usual cutting edge design as well a collection of enhanced security devices.

We offer a €3,000 insurance-backed guarantee against intrusion to the windows, which also carry an independently certified Police-backed PAS certificate for every component part.

Lifestyle was born out of a desire to produce the most secure, exclusive and environmentally efficient window available.

We recognize that windows and doors make up a large part of the façade of your home and that means that aesthetics are as important as the security. No one wants an unattractive window but we all need the highest security that is available. The enviroment is also a major factor, new windows need to be efficient and reduce the heating bills in your home, which in turn saves on energy and ultimately fossil fuels.

For your peace of mind we are proud to introduce the most extensive and comprehensive home security guarantee.

Key Features
  • Bear Grip multi point window lock – tested to 6kN – twice the requirement for PAS24
  • Two hooks at every locking point
  • 11mm hook penetration at every locking point for increased resistance against attack
  • Unique steel hook design into steel keep for extra strength
  • Solid keeps with nightvent facility
  • Two hinge guards to every sash
  • Lifestyle Extreme friction stay – complete with fire escape opening and easy clean facility
  • Highest quality high security auto lock handles – tested to 50000 cycles
  • Internally beaded for additional security
  • Positive Drainage – built in sloping drainage system


How we do it

Remove and inspect the sashes

Clean any rot from the sills and boxes

Repair or replace the wood the sash weights

Check that pulleys are working correctly  

Fit new sash cords

Install draft-proofing brushes and beads

Replace broken catches

Sometimes, on first inspection, we find that the sashes are beyond repair. If in this case, we will give you a detailed quote and the cost of making, painting, glazing and fitting new sash windows will be included.

Occasionally, we will not be able to ascertain whether the sashes will need to be replaced until we have taken the window apart. However, we would always agree any additional costs before continuing with the work.


Draft-proofing your sash windows is a surprisingly effective way to make your house feel instantly warmer.

A typical sash window will allow warm air to leak from your room similar to the way a hole allows water to leak from a hose. Without draft-proofing , it is not uncommon for the air in a room to be changed 3 times in 1 hour .

This means that you can be paying to heat the air in your room again and again and again. The draft-proofing that we install to your sash windows will not change the look of your windows as it is very discreet and will make your house warmer.

Sound insulation

Noise can be a big problem, particularly if you live in an urban area.

To reduce the impact that noise can have on your comfort levels at home, we recommend sound proofing your sash windows by installing acoustic glass.

In most cases, we would simply replace the existing sashes with acoustic glass sashes that fit within your existing sash windows boxes.

We offer two types of sound-insulated glass. Both solutions can easily be fitted to your existing sash windows without compromising the look of your home.

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