Sash window restoration and replacement

At Fairco sash windows and restoration, we pride ourselves on a sympathetic and considerate approach to the restoration of box sash windows.

Whether you want to replace aluminium or pvc windows, fit traditional sash windows or restore your existing timber sash windows our experts will guide you through  our extensive range of options.

What is sash window restoration?

The sash windows in period properties are very important to the overall look and feel of the building. If the windows have fallen into disrepair the property could look run-down, as well as additional and more serious problems caused by leaks.

Many existing timber sash windows are sealed shut to avoid drafts and rendered inoperable. Other times, original sash windows may have been replaced with modern windows that are not in keeping with the style and era of the building.

Whatever the reason, our craftsmen can restore part or whole elements of existing sash windows that have rotted or seen better days.

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How we do it

✔ Remove and inspect the sashes  ✔ Clean any rot from the sills and boxes

✔ Repair or replace the wood the sash weights

✔ Check that pulleys are working correctly  ✔  Fit new sash cords

✔ Install daft-proofing brushes and beads ✔  Replace broken catches

Sometimes, on first inspection, we find that the sashes are beyond repair. If in this case, we will give you a detailed quote and the cost of making, painting, glazing and fitting new sash windows will be included.

Occasionally, we will not be able to ascertain whether the sashes will need to be replaced until we have taken the window apart. However, we would always agree any additional costs before continuing with the work.


Draft-proofing your sash windows is a surprisingly effective way to make your house feel instantly warmer.

A typical sash window will allow warm air to leak from your room similar to the way a hole allows water to leak from a hose. Without draft-proofing , it is not uncommon for the air in a room to be changed 3 times in 1 hour .

This means that you can be paying to heat the air in your room again and again and again. The draft-proofing that we install to your sash windows will not change the look of your windows as it is very discreet and will make your house warmer.

Sound insulation

Noise can be a big problem, particularly if you live in an urban area.

To reduce the impact that noise can have on your comfort levels at home, we recommend sound proofing your sash windows by installing acoustic glass.

In most cases, we would simply replace the existing sashes with acoustic glass sashes that fit within your existing sash windows boxes.

We offer two types of sound-insulated glass. Both solutions can easily be fitted to your existing sash windows without compromising the look of your home.